The Adding Family, possibly a parody of a series called The Addams Family, is a Sneaky Peak of a gothic family who likes maths.

Adding Family (Suspicia is on the far right)

Story Edit

It begins in a spooky house with a man reading aloud from a book in which a monster eats everyone. A woman sitting on a nearby couch, who refers to the man as Lopez says that she likes a "happy ending". Lopez, referring to the woman as Suspicia, agrees. He then asks a hand in a box named Something what it thinks of it. Something gives the "A-O.K." symbol. Lopez then puts the book down and asks Suspicia flirtatiously to "say it again". At first, she refuses, but when he persists, she recites the name of shapes, much to the enjoyment of Lopez, who kisses her arm and claims to like it when she "speaks math". Suspicia tells him to wait because Something has a number to show them. On Lopez's allowing, Something plays several bells. Then, another man comes in, distraught. Lopez points out to the man, who he refers to as "Uncle Blister", that he's interrupting Something. Uncle Blister can't wait as he has bad news: Lopez's son Pugster and daughter Thursday are behaving like "normal, healthy kids" after having been hexed. Apparently, they are playing outside and Thursday wants to be a lawyer when she grows up and Pugster wants to be an accountant. Suspicia asks what to do and Uncle Blister says the only way the spell can be broken is by asking a special question. Lopez asks what the capital of North Dakota is and Uncle Blister says "Bismark", but that's not the question. The question is what is the sum of all the numbers from one to a hundred? and they have thirty minutes. Lopez thinks that's easy as they're the Adding Family, but Uncle Blister puts in that he was told that twenty-eight minutes ago so they only have two minutes. Lopez freaks out but Suspicia remains confident. Lopez, Uncle Blister and Something start adding but Something runs out of fingers.

Back in the theatre, the reviewers are excited. The male reviewer likes the addition but wants more interesting math and wonders about Suspicia's apathy. The female reviewer thinks Suspicia is thinking.

Back at the spooky house, Lopez, Uncle Blister and Something are still adding but they only have fifteen seconds left. Suspicia, however, gets the answer: five-thousand fifty. Uncle Blister, whose head has fallen off, asks Suspicia how she did it. Lopez throws Uncle Blister his head back. Suspicia says that she was thinking that each pair of numbers adds up to one-hundred-one and there are fifty pairs of numbers so she multiplied fifty times one-hundred-one. Uncle Blister then leaves to go to the zoo while Suspicia gives Lopez a math lesson.