Lopez, possibly a parody of Gomez Addams from The Addams Family, is a member of The Adding Family and the father of Pugster and Thursday.

Adding Family (Suspicia is on the far right)

Appearance Edit

Lopez has olive skin, short, neat black hair, a black moustache, and a white shirt, black tie and dark grey suit. He is about average height and weight.

Personality Edit

Lopez has a dark sense of humour, believing that a story in which a monster eats some children has a "happy ending". He is also a nonconformist and hates normality, disliking it when his kids are hexed to act "normally". He is also very affectionate towards Suspicia, calling her "Cara Mia". He enjoys it very much when she talks about mathematics and also has a habit of exclaiming a lot.

History Edit

He reads aloud from a book where a monster eats all the children. Then, he flirts with Suspicia until Something plays the bells. When Uncle Blister comes in, telling him and Suspicia that Pugster and Thursday have been cursed into acting normal, he, Uncle Blister and Something try to add all the numbers from one to a hundred to break the spell, but then Suspicia does it by multiplying fifty by a hundred and one and the kids, well, "go back to abnormal" and Lopez gives Uncle Blister back his head (which had fallen off) and shows some tickets to a mausoleum he'd gotten for his kids. Suspicia then gives him a lesson on math, which he enjoys.

Trivia Edit

  • His surname is unknown. It could be "Adding" as he refers to his family as "The Adding Family" but that could just mean they're a family that adds.
  • He could be married to Suspicia.
  • He could be the nephew or brother of Uncle Blister.
  • "Lopez" is generally a surname but it's this guy's first name.