Skits in this Episode: "Prime Number Television" A network executive is looking for shows for his new primetime lineup. The catch is that he only wants shows that have prime numbers in the title. Some are suggested, some of which are rejected because the numbers aren't prime. Others are manipulated so that they are made into prime numbers when they weren't before. "Percents" A music video by the "Bank Notes." "Your Head" Tauted as the best calculator in the world, Your Head is demonstrated as two teenagers figure out a tip from a restaurant bill. "28%" A message that informs us that we've already seen 28% of the show, so there's still 72% to go. "Cure For a Headache" In this commercial parody, designed to teach us about percentages, we learn that a large percentage of doctors recommend wrapping a rainbow trout around your forehead as a cure for a headache. "But Who's Counting - Chases v. Skirts" In this installment of Square One TV's parody game show, "But Who's Counting," the object is to make the largest sum, using two three-digit numbers. "Interruption" Square One TV is interrupted for a "news interruption." "Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Monkey Part 5" In this final segment of "The Problem of the Missing Monkey," George Frankly and Kate Monday go to the HOLLYWOOD sign to nab the man dressed as a gorilla climbing up it. George goes up and tries to talk him down, but gets no response out of him. Drastic measures about to be taken when suddenly Grunt's friend Jane comes and reveals that it's not somebody dressed as Grunt up on the HOLLYWOOD sign, it's actually Grunt! It turned out the impostor actually got locked in Grunt's cage. Grunt is rescued successfully and the impostor who was committing the robberies is sentenced to a good, long prison term.