Skits in this Episode: "The Mathematics of Love" In this segment, a singer finds himself in ancient Rome, where he's given a song to sing about the mathematics of love. However, he keeps getting stopped because whenever he reads one of the Roman numerals, he reads it as if it were an English letter, for example, instead of reading II as "two," he reads it as "I-I." Finally, he learns the meanings of the various Roman numerals and sings the song as it was meant to be sung. "Oops - Measurement (12 cm)" A man was supposed to measure a piece of wood, and came up with 12 centimeters. The problem was that he didn't start the piece of wood at the 0 cm mark, so the correct measurement was 13cm. "Frank Loyd Wrong - Building to Scale" Architect Frank Lloyd Wrong was supposed to build a building according to his blueprints, where 1 inch represented 20 feet. His wealthy customer realizes that he didn't understand the concept of scale, and only built the building the same size as it was drawn. She retaliates by shrinking Mr. Wrong with a reducing ray according to the 1 inch = 20 feet scale. Frank Loyd Wrong is a parody of the name of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. "Shoemaker & Elves Sketch" In this version, the shoemaker sues his elves because they made the shoes too small. They didn't understand the 1:2 ratio on the chart, which means they should make the shoes 2 inches in size for every one inch. Instead, they made them the other way around, which is why the shoes are too small. "Comedy Right Now" A stand up comedy routine in which the comedian complains parodies Rodney Dangerfield's classic complaint: "I get no respect" by saying "I get no perspective." He describes how he found everything 1/8 the size of what it was, which relates to proportion. The punchline is that he accidentally woke up in his daughter's dollhouse. "Mathnet: The Problem of the Missing Monkey Part 4" In this fourth installment of the Problem of the Missing Monkey, it's determined that there may be somebody out there who is actually posing as a gorilla in a gorilla suit. Then a call goes out - the man in the Grunt suit has been spotted climbing the giant "HOLLYWOOD" sign.